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The OhmeHome Pro EV Charger is the perfect solution for electric vehicle owners who want a reliable and efficient charging station. With its sleek design and advanced features, this charger is great for both residential and commercial use. What's more, installation is included in the price, ensuring that you can start charging your vehicle quickly and easily. The OhmeHome Pro EV Charger is designed to deliver fast charging speeds, so you can get back on the road in no time. Plus, its smart technology allows you to monitor your charging and energy usage from your phone, making it easy to manage your charging needs.

OhmeHome Pro EV Charger

  • The OhmeHome Pro EV Charger is the perfect solution for your electric vehicle charging needs. This charger includes home installation, making it easy to set up and use right away. With its innovative technology, the OhmeHome Pro can adjust charging speeds to optimize for your energy usage and cost, while also ensuring that your vehicle is charged safely and efficiently. Additionally, its sleek and modern design will complement any home exterior. Upgrade your home charging setup with the OhmeHome Pro EV Charger.

  • Standard manufacturers warranty

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